Wilderness. Experience. Schedule. Redefined.
Choose your wilderness. Anywhere on earth. We'll provide the logistics. Pick your activity. Anything really. We'll provide the guide or instructor. Select your dates. Summer. Winter. Anytime. We'll adapt to your schedule.

Anywhere on Earth. Simple.
We offer you custom wilderness expeditions and experiences off the beaten path. Or underwater for that matter. You pick a destination and an activity, and we make it happen. It's that simple.

Rough it up.
You want to sleep in a tent in the Arctic tundra, surrounded by grizzly bears and caribou, and under the auroras borealis? No problem.

You want to relax uninhibited in a century-old traditional stone house alongside 15 km of private coastline in one of Europe largest private properties? Be our guest.

You want to return to the comfort of a palace overseeing the Eiffel Tower after a day of scuba diving in a Mediterranean reserve? Not a problem.

Experience ancestral customs.
You want to go on a walk about with Aboriginal people on sacred land, deep in the Australian outback? No problem.

Your dream is to get up close and personal with a top predator in the Alaskan bush? We can make it happen.

Or culture.
You prefer to experience culture by immersing yourself in one of the world's most significant cultural events? We can help.

Sleep here.
Sleep in a tent deep inside a lush rainforest.

Or there.
Or sleep on a bed in a jet flying across the world at 10 000 meters.

The best guides. For your safety.
We only provide the best guides and instructors with the right combination of experience, qualifications, mental strength, and physical fitness. No compromise.

For your security.
Our guides and instructors receive extended risk management training, in addition to their military experience, so your security is ensured. Anywhere on earth.

And for your enjoyment.
Our guides and instructors are also experts in their domain, so your exceptional experience is always ensured.

Experience of a lifetime. Always. Guaranteed.
We go beyond the money back guarantee. You only settle our fees once we met your expectations (O.A.C.)

We take safety, and security, seriously.
No serious injury, let alone death, in 17 years of operation.

Documented and verified record.
All our claims and representations are thoroughly documented and verified for your review. All photos on this site are factual and exclusively ours.

Absolute discretion.
As we have demonstrated again and again over the years, your privacy is absolute, and our discretion unparalleled.

You want the experience of a lifetime.
Our exclusive services are normally only offered through referrals or personal invitation. Please contact us for more information.

You want to work with AMARUK®.
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You are looking for courses and training.
Our training operations have been acquired by Nurrak Wilderness School.